; 1880/9-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS63, VAM 11 HOT 50, Undergrade

1880/9-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS63, VAM 11 HOT 50, Undergrade

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*Note*: all pics have redacted cert numbers to preserve privacy for the buyer and seller. Grading and coin sites often track where specific coins have been and gone, and it's not anyone's business where I got it or where you got 

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Condition notes:

No idea why this is graded at MS63. Stunning clean coin. You don't have to be an expert to know that this is an easy MS64

Beautiful coin, the pics really do not do it justice. Very very clean, it is my personal estimation that this is coin is a product of a serious oversight in judgement, and that it is easily an MS64. But of course you have to judge that for yourself in the end.

The pictures on this one were particularly difficult. In the light, it looks more "clean" and with less light it looks more "frosty". Honestly it's what makes it so beautiful to look at from different angles and lights, how dynamic of a coin it is aesthetically speaking.

Not taking offers on this coin, it's more than worth the price.


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