; 6x Grain Jar Ball Leak-Proof Lids

6x Grain Jar Ball Leak-Proof Lids

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Six Ball Leak-Proof Lids

The sturdy construction of the Ball lids ensures a leak-proof seal for your jars, providing peace of mind during storage or transportation. Each lid comes equipped with a high-quality 0.3 micron filter patch, ideal for the essential gas exchange in cultivation processes, while effectively preventing contamination from airborne particles, including bacteria and spores.

To enhance ease-of-use, these lids are also outfitted with Self-Healing Injection Ports. Made from resilient silicone, these ports allow for multiple, hassle-free inoculations without compromising the sterility of your environment. After each injection, the port self-seals, maintaining the integrity of your culture inside the jar.

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