; 1882-CC NGC MS63 VAM-2A MPD & CLASH HITLIST40 Morgan Silver Dollar

1882-CC NGC MS63 VAM-2A MPD & CLASH HITLIST40 Morgan Silver Dollar

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*Note*: all pics have redacted cert numbers to preserve privacy for the buyer and seller. Grading and coin sites often track where specific coins have been and gone, and it's not anyone's business where I got it or where you got 

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Condition notes:

This is a very unique and unusual coin. You can decide for yourself what it's worth and make me an offer if you like.

The holder is in great shape. The coin is beautiful, but the unusual color and strike make it a lot to take in when using the naked eye.

This coin is very difficult to describe really through photos, it has several different "looks" depending on the lighting and angle that you look at it. Really a dynamic, stunning coin.

With its minor proof-like properties and rustic but tasteful toning, you will not be disappointed

If you are someone who wants special pieces in their collection, this is definitely for you


If you are looking for a specific type of coin I don't have listed here or want to buy multiple, contact me and we can work something out. I have a lot of morgans and peace dollars in stock

Please do message me with any questions or to request extra photos

If you are outside the United States please message me before buying!

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