; 2019 exclusive kiwifarms.net sticker

2019 exclusive kiwifarms.net sticker

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These are original eggshell stickers from the 2019 kiwifarms merch run in new quality. 

You will receive one sticker in an envelope.
usa only.

Physical aspects :  hard to remove, rips and breaks like an "eggshell", will fade in direct sunlight over time, about the size of a large post it note, currently exclusively sold by me.

A part of the proceeds will be donated.

monero address - 41itdXZH3aw6sJSrFFZt34DFLnCCpWHgwVhRev7fZkrvYpvVAfdPjyXc8MpDBVJNfQX1NAzPZ4r3uYzb9dtxNxeg9ZTHBzS

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November 29th, 2023 ---- 10:13 p.m.