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About me and this listing: I'm Nico, and I'm from Germany. For the past 7 years, I have decided to learn everything about Linux and Windows Server integration. I also work as a Linux and Windows system administrator and love to help other people with this topic. I like to bring up not only big companies in the IT world, but also normal people who like to go ahead and try other options than finished products.

Here are my main areas in which I can help: - Docker - Virtualization with Proxmox - Mailserver with Mailcow - Webserver (Apache and Nginx) - Firwall (iptables,ufw,pfSense and OPNsense) - Control Panel (Plesk and cPanel)

And many more! Just write me a message with your problem, and I will try to help you with that!

Important information: I only support server configurations with full root/Administrator and SSH/RDP access. There are other methods like VNC, but I don't support it because it is really complicated to interact with and doesn't give full features like SSH and RDP. I also only support online server (VPS, Dedicated Server) configuration from a hosting company and no home lab projects like a Raspberry Pi at your home or something like this, but you can also ask here, and eventually I can help without having to access it!

Please write me a message before you buy my service, so I can decide if I'm the right person for your problem, and we don't get any miscommunication!

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