; Antique American Large Cents - 1837 and 1850 - Full Date, Well-Preserved

Antique American Large Cents - 1837 and 1850 - Full Date, Well-Preserved

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Up for sale is an opportunity to own two distinct American large cents, each a unique piece of numismatic history. These coins belong to different types of large cents, showcasing the evolution of American coinage craftsmanship.

1837 Braided Hair Large Cent: This 1837 large cent is a treasure from the mid-19th century, representing the Braided Hair type. The full date is clearly visible, and the coin is well-preserved for its age.

1850 Matron Head Large Cent: The 1850 large cent is a remarkable specimen from the mid-19th century, belonging to the Matron Head type. It too proudly displays the full date and is well-preserved, making it a sought-after addition to any collection.

These large cents provide a fascinating glimpse into the past, showcasing the artistry and design of their respective time periods. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just beginning your numismatic journey, these coins are a valuable addition to any collection.


Coin Types: Braided Hair Large Cent, Matron Head Large Cent
Years: 1837, 1850
Condition: Well-Preserved for Age (See Photos)
Composition: Copper

Don't miss your chance to own these authentic pieces of American history, representing two different types of large cents. Purchase now and add these remarkable coins to your collection.

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