; Acer XC-830 All-in-One Computer - J5040 Processor - 8GB RAM (Expandable to 32GB) - No Hard Drive

Acer XC-830 All-in-One Computer - J5040 Processor - 8GB RAM (Expandable to 32GB) - No Hard Drive

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For sale is an Acer XC-830 with 8GB of RAM and a J5040 processor.  It has light scratches, nothing that impacts the functionality. A CD drive is also included. For detailed specifications, please refer to the manufacturer's website. Only the hard drive has been removed.

I used the computer as a headless Debian server and expanded the RAM to 32GB. Even though the manufacturer's specifications lists 8GB as the maximum, this is incorrect for this model variant. 32GB ran stable without any issues or failures. For the sale, I have reinstalled the original 8GB that were delivered with the device from the factory.

NO HARD DRIVE IS INSTALLED! Space is available for 3.5-inch HDDs, as well as an NVME slot (which I used with a 980 Samsung Evo Pro - also not included!).

This device is an all-in-one computer that serves perfectly as an AsRock ITX alternative with a J5040 processor, already integrating a power supply and an NVME slot. In idle mode, I recorded consumption of under 5W (NVME instead of HDD), making it perfect for economical media servers with a sufficient power buffer.

The item will be shipped insured via DHL (contact me before buying).

- Computer as shown in the photos (without HDD)
- Power supply (also visible on the images)

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December 5th, 2023 ---- 12:38 p.m.