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Gourmet Chicken Soup -Homemade-

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Imagine a Gourmet Restaurant ...
Now imagine they don't take FIAT but ONLY Monero! 

Now think of your kitchen...

It's actually the same place!

Treat Yourself with our homemade Gourmet Chicken Soup helping you through the cold winter days. A high grade convenience-food-product. Tasty, nutrient rich and extremely good storing capabilities. 

Chicken meat, fresh vegetables and Herbs are slow-cooked for several hours. They get taken out of the broth, then the meat gets carefully separated from the rest and put into the bottom of the pickle-jars. Fresh carrots, celery, leek, onions, parsley and lovage are added. 
After adding the broth and keeping the rim hygienically clean, we slow cook the closed glasses, creating a vacuum and effectively giving the soup a shelf life up to 3 years. Like grandma did it!

High chicken-fat contents (~5%)  great in winter and especially if you're sick!
Ca. 1 L of soup, slightly over-concentrated so you can easily add rice or noodles and eke with water without needing to add anything. Giving you 3-5 portions of this delicious gourmet soup. 

Ingredients: chicken-broth(fresh vegetables[contains celery],  whole-chickens, chicken wings, herbs, pure rock-salt, spices) organic carrots, slow cooked chicken meat, celery, leek, organic onions, organic lovage, parsley

As you might have noticed:  only some few ingredients are declared as organic. Batches with 100% organic ingredients are soon to follow. We'e in contact with organically producing  farmers who could supply organic chicken in exchange for silver coins, so that even We, eventually, don't even have to touch FIAT again!  

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