; 1883 American Liberty Nickel ("V Nickel") - "No Cents" Variant - Exceptional Condition

1883 American Liberty Nickel ("V Nickel") - "No Cents" Variant - Exceptional Condition

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For sale is an American 1883 Liberty Nickel, affectionately known as the "V Nickel." This specimen showcases finer details, making it a remarkable find. While I'm not a professional coin grader, I can certainly attest to its excellent condition.

Liberty Nickels were minted from 1883 to 1912, and this coin is the "1883 No Cents" variant.

The exceptional preservation of this 140-year-old nickel raises intriguing questions about its history. Historically, these "first-year" Liberty Nickels piqued interest due to the Roman numeral "V" on the coin, which some found insufficient in conveying its denomination. Unlike other American coins of the era, this coin lacks the word "Cents." This led to speculation that these coins would eventually be replaced with a version that clearly stated "Cents." In 1883, the "No Cents" variant was indeed discontinued, making way for the "With Cents" variant. From that point until 1912, every coin bore the word "Cents."

Please note that while I believe this coin to be in an Almost Uncirculated (AU) condition with finer details, I am not a professional coin grader. Coin grading is subjective, so I recommend reviewing the images provided to assess the condition for yourself.

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