; Will Find Any Media: Anime, Movies, Shows, Music, Books, etc

Will Find Any Media: Anime, Movies, Shows, Music, Books, etc

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Contact me first before you buy!!!! I want to make sure I can get you what you need!!! My contact info is in my profile

I have extensive experience acquiring just about anything you can think of. I have only been stumped a couple times in the hundreds of acquisitions I have made over the years. Even very obscure and niche things. Just Don't ask me to acquire "lost media" for you. That's not my forte.

No size is too big! Want to get a 200GB k-drama show? sure thing. When I have your materials, and you have checked out and paid the XMR, you will get a cloud drive link to your media.

This service is also very useful if you are a student and are in need of textbooks which normally cost a LOT. Collectively I have saved students many hundreds of dollars. Also, if you are looking for books pertaining to anything specific, especially less-than-savory topics, I may have it in my library.

I promise to work hard for you and get you your fucking media in the highest fucking quality available, all corps and paywalls be damned. If I can't find it, you pay nothing.

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July 2023

Excellent, found me a book I was unable to locate myself.

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February 28th, 2024 - 11:57 PM