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It often happens that you have a missed call from a number that you don't have registered in your phone book, or that you have someone's name in it but you do not have their number, in these cases you don't know either the number or the person. Well, from now on that could be changed. I offer to identify who owns a certain cell phone number (data updated 'till 2019). I only charge for numbers that I can match its owner. Countries offered: worldwide.

Suele suceder, que tengas una llamada perdida de un numero que no tienes registrado en tu agenda, o que tengas en ella el nombre de alguien pero no tengas su numero, en estos casos no sabes o el numero o la persona. Bueno, desde ahora eso podra cambiarse. Ofrezco identificar a quien pertenece determinado numero de celular (datos actualizados al 2019). Solo hago el cargo por numeros que logro identificar con su propietario. Paises: todos.

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