; Linux for Small Business Owners: Using Free and Open Source Software to Power Your Dreams

Linux for Small Business Owners: Using Free and Open Source Software to Power Your Dreams

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Learn how you can take complete control and run your small business with powerful, free open source software (FOSS). This book introduces small business owners to the power and security of Linux and other FOSS tools to manage any small business as well as the many advantages it has over expensive, proprietary software. While exploring the reasons for using Free Open Source Software, you'll investigate the assertion that, “The value of any software lies in its usefulness not in its price,” set forth by Linux Torvalds, the creator of Linux. 
This book examines the use of Linux and also the other Free Open Source Software you need to meet your business challenges including the usual accounting, Email, web browsing, word-processing tasks. You will be introduced to advanced tools such as those that enable you to create audio and video clips you can use to promote your business or that can even be your primary product, such as how-to instruction.
Most small business owners perform many tasks including that of administering their computers. This book shows you how to find and install new software you need to run your business and keep it up to date using the tools already provided by Linux and the secure, trusted repositories available online. It also explores how to decide which tasks to do in-house and which you might want to sub out to external resources such as advertising and contact services to attract and keep customers.


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