; Unique Telegram (monero-related) usernames

Unique Telegram (monero-related) usernames

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Digital Item

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Selling monero-themed telegram usernames which can be used as a channel/group unique name, can be sold later or get auctioned on the fragment.com platform.

Avaliable names:
- @moneroproject
- @themoneroproject
- @xmrproject
- @moneroblog
- @moneroeconomics
- @xmreconomics
- @moneropayments
-- @moneromarketio

List is not complete, more usernames are available for now!

All usernames belong to me. All prices are negotiable!

Contact me at telegram: @getintouchxmr

1 XMR = 170.43 USD

December 1st, 2023 ---- 01:36 p.m.