; E-books: Artificial Intelligence - AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision ebooks

E-books: Artificial Intelligence - AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision ebooks

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A legally collected, large personal e-books library. The books are grouped in packs, by genre. I have +50 different packs!  

Check out the other packs. Also if you would like only some books from the pack? Or ALL the books? Please let me know.


Books: 13. Total size: 135 MB. Format: PDF

1."Artificial Intelligence for Dummies"
John Paul Muelled, Wiley, 339 pages

2."Artificial Intelligence with Python"
Joint publication, Tutorialspoint, 164 pages

3."Beginning AI Bot Frameworks Getting Started with Bot Development"
M. Biswas, Apress, 197 pages

4."Hands On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, TensorFlow 2nd"
A. Géron, O'Reilly, 510 pages

5."Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2nd edition"
W. Ertel, Springer, 365 pages

6."Learning OpenCV" - Software that sees
G. Bradski, O'Reilly, 577 pages

7."Machine Learning. The New AI"
E. ALPAYDIN, MIT Press, 225 pages

8."Machine Learning and Security"
C. Chio, O'Reilly, 385 pages

9."OpenCV Computer Vision with Python"
J. Howse, Packt, 122 pages

10."Practical introduction to computer vision with OpenCV"
K. Dawson-Howe, Wiley, 235 pages

11."Practical OpenCV"
S. Brahmbhatt, Apress, 229 pages

12."Pro Processing for Images and Computer Vision with OpenCV" 
B. WC Chung, Apress, 301 pages

13. "The Deep Learning Revolution Machine Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence"
T. J. Sejnowski, MIT Press, 354 pages

BONUS - 3 more ebooks:

- ChatGPT Cheatsheet

- Awesome Chat GPT Prompts

- ChatGPT - Unlocking the Potential of Large Language Models

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