; 100% working Nintendo Switch v2 Grey + Extras

100% working Nintendo Switch v2 Grey + Extras

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Fully working Nintendo Switch with grey JoyCons. The console comes from the 2019 edition (v2) so it has better battery life but the RCM jailbreak is patched. All original accessories are included and there are a few extra included.

The only defect is a damaged power button, however the problem is only visual and doesn't affect experience.

Important: The console ships with a European AC adapter.

Contents: - v2 Switch with grey JoyCons - JoyCon grip - 2 JoyCon straps - original EU power adapter - Nintendo HDMI cable - official dock - original packaging - hardshell carry case by R.D.S - R.D.S grip for playing comfort - joystick covers - cartridge and microSD card holders

There are some games included. Most are digital versions.

Games: - Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Owltimate Edition) - this one is physical - Overcooked! - Baba is You - Unlock The King (indie chess-themed puzzle game) - Tetris 99 Marathon Mode (good old Tetris, no Online subscription required) - Celeste

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