; Sterilized Oat and Millet Grain Jar

Sterilized Oat and Millet Grain Jar

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The oat and millet grain mix delivers a balanced nutrient profile, with essential carbohydrates and proteins from oats fueling robust mycelial growth. Millet provides greater surface area and inoculation points for accelerated colonization, while both grains contribute to enhanced moisture retention and a favorable environment for various mushroom species.

Our sterilized grain jars are meticulously prepared to guarantee a contamination-free environment. Featuring a 0.3-micron filter patch for optimal gas exchange and a self-healing injection port for effortless, secure inoculation, these dependable and effective jars elevate your mushroom cultivation experience by providing ideal conditions for mycelial growth.

This package includes one quart jar of sterilized oat and millet. Choose between the standard metal lid or upgrade to a premium Ball Leak-Proof Lid for added protection, durability, and style.

Each jar is freshly prepared upon order placement, ensuring unparalleled quality and freshness for your mushroom cultivation projects!

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