; Miracle Mineral Solution MMS CDS Chlorine Dioxide 200ml

Miracle Mineral Solution MMS CDS Chlorine Dioxide 200ml

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Water purification solution – 200ml (total)

(2 x 100ml - 1 x 100ml Blue glass Solution pipette drop bottle & 1 x 100ml Blue glass Activator pipette drop bottle)

Our solution has been used as a water purifier for decades by hikers and in 3rd world countries, it kills 100% of viruses, fungus & bacteria leaving you with completely clean water

It can also be used to wash fruit and vegetables to remove harmful pesticides & parasites when added to filtered water

The solution has also been shown to make dangerous neurotoxins such as aluminium & mercury soluble in the body which will enable them to be excreted from the body

You’ll get 100ml of Solution (28%) & 100ml activator (50%). Simply drop 1 drop of Solution & then 1 drop of the activator (wait 10 seconds until it turns yellow/amber) which then produces the completed solution, then pour 120ml of filtered / distilled water onto the mixture

For water/vegetable cleaning, add 1 drop of each solution per every additional 120ml of water. For example, if you want to clean 1litre of water, mix 8 drops of each bottle, wait 10 seconds for activation and add to 1 litre of water

Approximately 6 months supply based on cleaning 10 litres of water per week

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