; The Pain Liberator: Miracle Muscle Pain Reliever

The Pain Liberator: Miracle Muscle Pain Reliever

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Designed to resolve any ache and pain, THE PAIN LIBERATOR is a all around miracle healer. Whether you’re dealing with hip pain, arthritis, a headache…or “pain” in the sense of a sore throat, tooth infection, tightness…

THE PAIN LIBERATOR is here to help you feel great in the here-and-now, as well as being a terrific all-around wellness tool.


-70% Colloidal Silver: *anti-bacterial, anti-fungal; used for sore throats, sinus problems, tooth infections, & candida overgrowths

-~20% Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO): *when combined with almost anything, absorption rate via the skin is 90+%; over 40 known pharmacological properties, & 30k searches on PubMed; helps with acne, heals shingles, dries up poison ivy & mosquito bites, is radio/EMF protective (i.e. ultrasounds), pain killer, & heals stroke/heart attack damage. A slight, short burning sensation is normal.

-~30mg Aspirin per spray: *one of the safest, cheapest miracle “drugs” in existence; searching PubMed, it assists with basically every dis-ease/imbalance; from muscle pain, to reversing cancerous tumors, & everything in between. SPRAY ON HEAD FOR HEADACHES.

NOTES & “TRICKS” *Ibuprofen is often preferred to aspirin as a QUICKER method of relief; though, it has negative effects — using aspirin this way (via the skin) provides the SAME benefits, & quickly!

*DMSO works best when sprayed over a large area, say 2x times the size of the spot you’re trying to heal

*The high dose of aspirin per spray (approximately 9x 325mg tablets/bottle) is to gain maximum benefits from DMSO, without the downsides — start with a few sprays, rub it in (widely), and wait 5 minutes

*DMSO (a “solvent”) neutralizes Urushiol (poison ivy) and dries up/heals mosquito bites (other ingredients only make this action more potent)

*DMSO makes ALL of these individually beneficial compounds highly absorbable

Made with love by the P.A.Z.NIA Department of Health & Wellness Coordinator, Rayo!

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