; Award Winning Jams, Curds, Gelees and Chutneys

Award Winning Jams, Curds, Gelees and Chutneys

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NEW! Over 300 jams, gelees, curds, preserves, chutneys available from our store now, with some unique fruits and flavors, all delicious! Taste the best jams, curds, gelees and chutneys in the world.Our jams are to fall for, they make great gifts for yourself and others alike. We ship worldwide, ask for the full list and advice.

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December 2022

Super and exotic

January 2023

Two stars since it smelled nice, and the jar would've looked nice had Chickie properly packed a glass jar in the mail. It was just in a bubble mailer with no additional packing materials, so it arrived completely destroyed.

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June 23rd, 2024 - 11:15 PM