; New England News Posters (updated)

New England News Posters (updated)

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Wanted by NewEnglandNews

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I am the Owner and Head Writer for New England News, and I had set up a Kuno fundraiser in order to get more reach for my website.

This listing is for New England anons, and anons who are passing through New England, to print out posters of the image given in the listing and post them up around their chosen areas of New England.

Once you have chosen the amount you'd like to print, message me on here and i will give you my SimpleX contact link: this is for confirmation of the posters being posted IRL.
Once you have added me on SimpleX, send in a photo showing that the chosen amount has been printed. Then, once you have started posting them up IRL, take photos of the posters. Only half of your chosen amount will need confirmation: 10 = 5 confirmations.

Once you have completed the required confirmation photos, your XMR will be sent. If you do not send in the required amount of confimation photos, or if you exceed the time-limit on moneromarket's escrow system, your XMR will not be paid and you will need to re-accept the listing.

Created 3 weeks ago

Location United States

Digital Item

Escrow period 10 days

1 XMR = 134.46 USD

February 28th, 2024 - 09:45 PM