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Let’s review exactly what I have put forth in the link.

I have shown that it is possible to radically influence Dice with psychic intention, and began to get results from RNG that honestly somewhat disturbed me due to how directly it showed me results.

The RNG is truly random and based off of radioactive decay, which is a Quantum event. I do not own a pseudorandom RNG. That would defeat the point of the experiment. The point is to be interacting with the Quantum regime.

It only makes sense that if you are able to influence an RNG based off of radioactive decay, that you should attempt to influence a Cold Fusion experiment which requires Quantum Tunneling in order to succeed.

The criticisms against Cold Fusion are that it is not replicable, while the believers say that it can be done, but that it doesn’t happen very often.

The issue is a Probability issue.

What’s needed is to increase the Probability of Quantum Tunneling in order for Cold Fusion to convert the doubters.

Lack of and the discontinuation of funding from the Government ended up killing Cold Fusion in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, and so it only makes sense to turn to the private sector to continue research.

That is why I am now establishing Volity Labs. If no one else wants to get to work on this, then I would like to. I just need funding in order to get started.

Climate Change has clearly alarmed many people worldwide, and if the projections are accurate, it’s only going to get worse.

Desperate times call for extreme measures.

That’s why that if you are truly a Scientist, or believe in Science, you should be very interested in the results that I have reported. You should want to know how and why that’s possible. And you should want to help fund the solution to Climate Change.

Your donation will pay itself back many times over when the world’s energy problem is solved indefinitely via Cold Fusion.

The idea of Volity Labs would be to combine a traditional Fleischmann-Pons style of experiment with a traditional Radin style of experiment over at IONS.

It only makes sense to combine these two branches together. I’m quite certain the results are achievable.

Below is my Monero address if you have any interest in donating to Volity Labs. Monero will keep your donation completely anonymous if you feel too embarrassed to help fund such an “outlandish” idea.

-Thrice Hist Morphs


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