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[All-natural proprietary water-soluble delta-8-THC powder]

Do you want to make fancy, potent edibles/drinks the lazy way at your perfect dose, using the tech premium brands use? Sick of paying $$$ for edibles that take 60-90min to kick in and they're always too weak or too strong?

I got you covered.
This is for people who just want affordable, fast-acting edible powder they can add to almost anything, as it's water soluble.
Want THC cola (or your favorite beverage)? Just add some powder!

This proprietary powder will give a faster acting, more bioavailable edible experience superior to regular edibles. No harmful chemicals are used, the main ingredients are sunflower lecithin and delta-8-THC.

Get a euphoric feeling within minutes with absorption in the upper 90%s (vs an estimated 8-12%!) with a patented version of an industry process: nano encapsulation of D8-THC for greater absorption, and emulsified it so it can mix/dissolve in water and not just fats.

This comes in small jars and is ~20% D8-THC by weight, one should note that due to the technology, even though 100mg contains 21mg D8 it will absorb better than a regular edible and it may feel more like 40 or 50mg so start your dose lower until you know what works for you.

If you are more interested in the specific product details: https://pastebin.com/raw/0MwWFkXq
Lab test in pictures.

Please message me here or on the messaging service(s) I list on my profile about anything, I'm always friendly!

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September 23rd, 2023 ---- 01:50 a.m.



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