; Burgundy Mix 15g - 100% natural herbal blend to smoke

Burgundy Mix 15g - 100% natural herbal blend to smoke

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Thanks to our experiments and the experience of our first Herbal Mix (now called Purple Mix), we have designed a new mix focusing entirely on the texture of our product: the Burgundy Mix. This mix is even silkier and softer than the Purple Mix and is also more neutral in taste.

White Broth: The white broth flowers (or mullein) bring sweetness and a slight honey taste to our mix. In addition to its taste characteristics, white broth brings a silky quality that complements the texture of our mix.

Marshmallow: This is the binder of our Herbal Mix. The marshmallow leaves bring a velvety quality to our mix, making it easier to handle. Marshmallow is also the source of the eponymous candy, providing the ancestor of the marshmallow with its taste and mucilage properties.

Raspberry: Like the marshmallow, the raspberry leaf brings a silky effect to the texture of our mix, and helps bind the herb mixture when rolled. Its flavor is fairly neutral while adding a bit of freshness to the overall Burgundy Mix.

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