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I can supply paper cash receipts for the following categories found below.    You'll give me a required dollar amount in each category.  All transactions will display cash as the payment method.   Supply me with the primary location to provide localized stores.   For example if you give me Newark, NJ you will receive paper receipts in that nearby 20 mile radius.   Travel, hotel, utility and communication will be routed through a fictional agency/co-op.

These receipts are for entertainment purposes only for the full intent of movie props.   These should not be used for illegal purposes.

Cost for this service is 10% of the total expense requested.  For example if you request $5,000 in total receipts across all categories, the fee (in Monero XMR) will be $500.  For full privacy, I recommend having these receipts mailed to a private PO Box.  I can help locate one in your area if you need one.

Available Categories:  (Specify dollar amount)
1. Advertising
2. Car and Truck Expenses (Specify a make/model/year of a vehicle)
3. Contract Labor (these will be kept under $600 each if requested)
4. Legal and Professional services
5. Office Expenses
6. Rent or lease
     6a - Vehicles, machinery, and equipment
     6b  - other business property
7. Repairs and maintenance
8. Supplies
9. Travel
10. Meals
11. Meals over $200
12. Other Expenses

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September 23rd, 2023 ---- 12:47 a.m.



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