; E-books: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - Bitcoin, ETH, Crypto, Satoshi, Dark Pools - Crypto ebooks

E-books: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - Bitcoin, ETH, Crypto, Satoshi, Dark Pools - Crypto ebooks

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A legally collected, large personal e-books library. The books are grouped in packs, by genre. I have +50 different packs!  

Check out the other packs. Also if you would like only some books from the pack? Or ALL the books? Please let me know.


Books: 35. Total size: 229 MB. Format: PDF

A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from Cryptocurrencies - 105 pages

A Developer’s Guide to Ethereum - 195 pages

A quick guide on building a GPU Mining Rig Best for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic - 221 pages

Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts - 174 pages

Blockchain Enabled Applications Understand the Blockchain Ecosystem - 225 pages

Blockchain Revolution How the Technology Behind Bitcoin - 418 pages

Building games with Ethereum smart contracts intermediate projects for Solidity developers - 281 pages

Build Your First Ethereum DApp - 165 pages

Cryptocurrency Investing Bible The Ultimate Guide About Blockchain, Mining, Trading, ICO - 120 pages

Cryptocurrency Master Everything You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading - 261 pages

Cryptocurrency Ultimate Beginners Guide to Making Money with Crypto - 182 pages

Crypto Revolution Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And The Future of Money - 174 pages

Crypto Uncovered The Evolution of Bitcoin and the Crypto Currency Marketplace - 194 pages

Currency Trading For Dummies - 388 pages

Dark Pools Book - 192 pages

Dark Pools and High Frequency Trading For Dummies - 244 pages

Dark Pools Off-Exchange Liquidity in an Era of High Frequency, Program, and Algorithmic Trading - 267 pages

Dark Pools The Rise of the Machine Traders and the Rigging of the U.S. Stock Market - 307 pages

Ethereum for Architects and Developers With Case Studies and Code Samples in Solidity - 281 pages

Ethereum for Dummies - 274 pages

Ethereum Tools & Skills - 158 pages

Hands-on blockchain with Hyperledger Building decentralized Apps Hyperledger - 663 pages

Hands-on Cybersecurity with Blockchain. Implement DDoS Protection - 221 pages

Introducing Ethereum and Solidity - Foundatiin Programming for Beginners - Chris Dannen - 197 pages

Ledger Nano S Bitcoin and Ethereum Hardware Wallet Beginner's Guide - 126 pages

Legal Tech, Smart Contracts and Blockchain - 285 pages

Mastering Monero First Edition by SerHack and Monero Community - 214 pages

Programming Bitcoin Learn How to Program Bitcoin from Scratch - 321 pages

Rapid learning ETH - 118 pages

Regulation of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies - 285 pages

The Bitcoin Standard The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking - 285 pages


Bitcoin Document Satoshi Original - 9 pages

Bonus - Cryptocurrency Gold Rush on the Dark Web - Report - 14 pagess

Bonus - Cryptocurrency Presentation Gilfoyle Silicon Valley - 22 slides

Bonus - Pablo Escobar's DietBitcoin - 281 pages

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