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Pure hexahydrocannabinol distillate! It's a wonderful replacement for THC in edibles, etc. but best for vaping/dabbing or as a bowl topper. I personally smoke this every day so I care about quality, I don't smoke much THC anymore because this causes less anxiety and redeye for me. Feels ~75% THC potency, YMMV :). Purity is very important, every batch has at least 60% R-HHC and 95% total HHC so this is some of the best on the market. (pm for lab tests) THIS IS NOT SPICE, AND IS FEDERALLY LEGAL

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April 2023

Wonderful and communicative seller, going to retrieve product tmrw and I'm sure I will be getting exactly what I expect to! Seller went far and beyond will be happy to do business again in the future! +++Rep

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