; Colombian Premium Coffee "Cafe Sello Rojo" 2.5 Kg

Colombian Premium Coffee "Cafe Sello Rojo" 2.5 Kg

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Pure Arabica Colombian coffee. No blends. Features a medium roast & grind, which produces a smooth balanced body with notes of sweetness.

BEHIND THE BEANS: Sello Rojo's coffee is sourced directly from family farms who take pride in their meticulously hand-picked coffee beans. Harvested at their peak, our roasted coffee beans are pristinely washed and sundried to perfection. All production occurs at the source, taking artisanal care to achieve our coveted EXCELSO grading classification

COFFEE'S PRIME CLIMATE: The Andes Green Mountains provide the perfect recipe of elevation, soil, and climate for our coffee's globally recognized quality. Cafe Sello Rojo is committed to 100% Colombian coffee, never blended with lower quality coffees

SMOOTH & FLAVORFUL COFFEE: A staple since 1933, Cafe Sello Rojo medium roast coffee is a household brand in the country known for superior coffee beans

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