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Digital Item

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Here, you can request any onion address that starts with up to 7 chosen characters. I'll provide you the date at which the process is started and the date at which it ends.
If processing time go beyond the time I estimated, you'll be refunded.
You can ask for pre-processing for small orders so that I produce you a proof before selling.

Keys will be sent over chat, encrypted with PGP. I will securely delete your keys as soon as you receive them, with video proof.

My prices are as follows:
1–5 Characters : $0.25~0,0015XMR
6 Characters : $0.5~0,003XMR - One day of processing max.
7 Characters : $2~0,012XMR - Two days of processing max.
8 Characters : $10~0,06XMR - 5 days of processing max.

You can order batches, but beware of the time of processing, I'll provide you a time estimate before you confirm your order, and a price estimate, reductions can be applied to huge orders.

1 XMR = 170.05 USD

December 1st, 2023 ---- 12:41 p.m.