; 3d printed Kiwifarms keychain and logo

3d printed Kiwifarms keychain and logo

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I saw a lack of kiwifarms.net merch so I'm making some myself.

These are small keychains(not on model) and kiwi logos made on a bambu lab x1c 3d printer in either PLA or PLA+.

These will come in a random color and you will get more than one. I will also add in extra 3d printed things as well.

A part of the proceeds will be donated.

monero address - 41itdXZH3aw6sJSrFFZt34DFLnCCpWHgwVhRev7fZkrvYpvVAfdPjyXc8MpDBVJNfQX1NAzPZ4r3uYzb9dtxNxeg9ZTHBzS

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