; HTML "Infopack" 2004 BNP British National Party

HTML "Infopack" 2004 BNP British National Party

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Two BNP "Infopacks" created in 2004 and an updated one for 2006.

These contain HTML files and Images straight from 2004.

The BNP is a political party in the UK that had its greatest success in the late 2000s. It is a British Nationalist, anti-immigration, anti-EU, anti-Islamic party. It has since collapsed and has no elected officials.

These Nick Griffin-era packs contain the mission of the BNP, contact details, sign-up & donation forms, advertisements, BNP member statements, a booklet and much more. (Of course, bear in mind that this information is almost 20 years out of date)

You will receive two infopacks via an E2EE service.

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