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New & Anonymous Discord account

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Do you hate overpaying for an Anonymous Discord Account? Me as well! Verified with a non-VoIP number, can link it to an Gmail account, Proton or another mail account of your choice. You can choose your prefered username, and if you want to have specific localization (e.g. account language/local phone number) that's no problem!

Semi-closing my services. Please do not use the copycats here, but instead:


For most purposes, this is great:


Feel free to remove the refferal. Thanks a final time, feel free to contact me over Telegram, Session or here, since I do a still accept offers.

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October 2023

notphoninghome is the best source for phone verification accounts. Responsive and friendly. No issues with any account.

October 2023

High quality fresh Discord accounts. Everything went off without a hitch

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