; Honey with delivery in CZ

Honey with delivery in CZ

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I offer 3 kilos of different types of honey (3Kg) with delivery in Czech Rep. It comes from an area in Czech Republic with many forests and meadows around. Our honey is pure product and we do everything in our power to keep away from GMO and other stuff like that.

Types: Accacia, Flower and Creamed

Shipping is to the pickup place near you with https://www.balikovna.cz/en/homepage https://www.packeta.com/

So I dont even need your real address, phone number or email. More in PM.

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Shipping from Czech Republic

Domestic Shipping only

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May 2023

Great communication, and excellent honey. Highly recommended if you have a taste.

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June 20th, 2024 - 11:36 AM