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The Wolverine is a detox vehicle. It is the most powerful supplement that we produce and must be used with caution; however, once you use it properly its effects border on unexplainable. This is because The Wolverine can carry and amplify other supplements, bringing them into the bloodstream more rapidly and thus expediting the detox process. As if that wasn't impressive enough, The Wolverine also has the ability to heal as it works and can rapidly heal cuts, burns, scars, and other skin issues. When you combine The Wolverine with Carbon 60 and Yellow Juice the effects can be transformative. Learn more about each of these powerful supplements on our website, the symbol for The Wolverine is a cross representing its emergency use for healing (internally & externally). 

Sold in a 3.4oz tincture bottle, approx 3 month supply, individual protocol information included


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