; Euphorbia lathyris Seeds!

Euphorbia lathyris Seeds!

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This plant is incredible for Gopher / Mole management. The leaves, stem and ROOTS of this plant, when damaged secrete a latex that will inflame the orifices of any mammal that comes in contact with it. It can even make them permanently blind!

So if you make a border of this around your vulnerable plants you wont see any loss from underground rodents! This plant is the only reason I get away with planting anything in the ground.

It is Super easy to grow from seed and the plant is pretty aesthetic. It does not like to be transplanted and has a deep taproot.

It is a Biannual so it grows for the first year, flowers the 2nd and then it gives you loads of seeds before it dies.

My current batch of seeds has a %70 Germination rate as of June 2023

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