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I am offering comprehensive, handmade, professional identity design services in form of a complete brand packages with near infinite revisions of the logo before post-production and release, unlike other competitors on the internet who provide cheap logos directly sourced from logo generators that would infringe on copyright.

This product offering consists of the following: A specially made and tailored logo just for you, biz card, stationary document, ppt slides, and a short instruction manual for your brand.

How it works:

You send me the details of your brand (name, colors you like and dislike if any, and feelings you want to invoke for your brand). I come up with a few logo examples and send them to you. This goes on until you find something you like. When you make a decision on what you want, you pay everything upfront and I’ll send you the branding.

How it doesn’t work: 1) No super specific requests, ie “draw a cartoon cat girl farting fire on a sushi roll”; that’s not going to happen. Respect the integrity of your brand and my work, I do the same and you should too

2) Copying another brand, that’s a big nono

Inquiries/Questions: Feel free to reach out anytime, I’m always here.

Prices subject to change due to fluctuating XMR Pics shown are quick mockups done on the fly for MM, I don’t put my personal work in public for display

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