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Jordan Belfort - Straight Line Marketing Course

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Entrepreneur expert, Jordan Belfort, has spent the last 30+ years learning about effective business strategies and now he has compiled his most important lessons into his Straight Line Marketing program. 
The material you will learn in this program will help you understand and analyze your customers to build up your business in ways you’ve never even begun to think about. 
These strategies will place you in the top 1% of all online players. By the end of this program, you will have all the tools you need to be a bona-fide marketing expert.

What you’ll learn:

● The fundamentals of the Straight Line that will help lay the foundation for successful marketing strategies.

● Traffic acquisition一 what it is and how you can gather intelligence from your target audience to gain brand awareness and recognition.

● All about digital marketing and how to adapt to the online world’s changing trends through copywriting, email marketing, and more.

● To dominate more traditional forms of media to capture as many prospective customers as possible.

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