; Purple Mix 15g - 100% natural herbal blend to smoke

Purple Mix 15g - 100% natural herbal blend to smoke

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Easy to handle, our Herbal Mix is made from a selection of quality leaves and flowers chosen by us. It is the result of an intense reflection to obtain the perfect proportions. Hand blended, our Herbal Mix is described as sweet and fresh. The marshmallow, sweet mint, white broth and vervain we use come from environmentally conscious herbalists.

White Broth: White broth (or mullein) flowers bring sweetness and a slight honey taste to our mix. In addition to its taste characteristics, white broth brings a silky quality that harmoniously complements the texture of our mix.

Verbena: The leaves of the verbena add a fresh and lemony touch to our mix. Like mint, the presence of verbena does not overpower the other flavors you can mix our mix with.

Sweet Mint: Sweet Mint adds freshness to our mix. This freshness is essential to ensure a balance of flavors without taking over, whether you consume the mix alone or with hemp.

Marshmallow: This is the binder in our Herbal Mix. The leaves of the marshmallow bring a velvety quality to our mix, making it easier to handle. The marshmallow is also the origin of the eponymous confectionery, it brings to the ancestor of the marshmallow its taste and its properties of mucilage.

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