; Dried and cured flowers 3 oz. Leonotis nepetifolia, 85g klip dagga petals, lion's ear

Dried and cured flowers 3 oz. Leonotis nepetifolia, 85g klip dagga petals, lion's ear

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This is a listing for shade-dried and cured Leonotis nepetifolia petals. These were handpicked from Pandora's organic garden, where we use no pesticides and only feed organic fertilizers. Our klip daggas are grown under full sun, which enhances their alkaloid production. Petals are slowly dried and then cured for a whole month in order to produce a smoother smoke.

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Leonotis nepetifolia is commonly known as klip dagga or Christmas candlestick. It is a flowering plant originally from tropical Africa and southern India. It has soft, broad, triangular shaped leaves with serrated edges. Klip dagga's flowers are arranged in spiny globular clusters that encircle the plant's stem. From these emerge orange and furry petals that curve downwards and give the plant it's distinctive look, leading to another of it's common names: lion's ear.
Leonotis nepetifolia is used in the traditional medicine of Trinidad, where it is know as shandilay, for the treatment of fevers, coughs and malaria. It's major alkaloid, leonurine, is found in this plant in higher concentration than in it's well-known cousin species Leonotis leonurus (wild dagga).

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