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Hello friends! For those who are unaware, THCp and HHCp are newly discovered cannabinoids, THCp was isolated from natural hemp and cannabis by an Italian team in 2019. HHCp is the hydrogenated version of THCp, analogous to THC/HHC.

The binding affinity at the CB1 receptor (where the good stuff happens) of THCp is 33 times that of (delta-9) THC. This does not translate to 33x stronger, however it is extremely strong. Smoking or eating this by yourself will have you out like a light from a tiny little bit of it. It's much better used as a 2-6% mix in your THC to give it a MAJOR kick.

I can explain the difference between THCp/HHCp for your use-case if you're interested in these novel products. People have been smoking these for a few years with no serious issues so far (myself included), and they are partial agonists like THC (unlike most 'spice'). However, as with everything, moderation is key :). Anecdotally, because of the strength, I have even heard of people using this for pain. I am not suggesting you should use this over established medicine but it is worth noting.

Please PM for lab tests and questions. I can 100% guarantee the purity and authenticity of these products. I also have a larger selection. I don't mean to brag but I believe I have some of the purest batches on the commercial market with tests to prove :).

These are regulated as industrial hemp products and I can ship these to almost all 50 states and some international countries.

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