; Ovente Electric Skillet, new in box

Ovente Electric Skillet, new in box

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Unlike the standard frying pan, Ovente Electric Portable Skillet has premium components that make frying and searing easier! It comes with 1400W power and high-quality aluminum body, which conducts heat well for a more efficient, faster and better cooking. Do not worry when you’re about to set the heat to high setting since the appliance includes durable tempered glass cover that handles high temperature and steam without breaking. You can now make delicious meal for the whole family because this 12-inch skillet is big enough to make everyone’s tummy happy! Cooking with Ovente Electric Portable Skillet is made easy as 1-2-3 with its glass cover handle and cool touch handles, which conveniently secure grip and protects hands from injuries. Cleaning after every meal is not a problem because of the non-stick coating that releases food easily and cleans up food quickly!

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December 1st, 2023 ---- 01:27 p.m.