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MY (limited) PORTFOLIO

Purchasing this listing, you will receive a 2D animation of your description. If unspecified, I will make it 1920x1080, at 24 FPS. Animations will not exceed 24 FPS. Animation files received consist of an mp4, gif, and image sequence.

> A description of the scene you have in mind. (Optionally include image, audio, or video references as needed.)
> Your technical needs for the animation, if any (framerate, rendered resolution, format, limitations, etc )
> Your name and/or social handle if you would NOT like to be kept anonymous in any posts I make containing the work.

> Because of the 10 day escrow period on digital orders, I will only accept requests I can reasonably finish within that time.
> I have no obligation to revise the work (but will fix glaring errors if time permits).
> The animation work is made mostly, if not purely from the information you provide in your initial request.
> More reasonable examples of my animation work will be provided when I get more comms. Some I present now are frames from roughs and layouts I have yet to finalize.

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February 28th, 2024 - 11:06 PM