; DIY Kit or PCB Only - Actidamp MkII phono preamplifier MM/MC

DIY Kit or PCB Only - Actidamp MkII phono preamplifier MM/MC

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This is a DIY kit (or PCB only) for the popular Actidamp MkII phono preamplifier MM/MC. The circuit was published in Amaterske radio (CZ) 02/1990 and is often built by audio enthusiasts even today, thanks to its properties and parts used that are not made from unobtainium. PCB size is (180 x 77 mm) with black color. The circuit should be supplied from a 24-0-24 VAC transformer (not included). It has input from MC or MM phono (adjustable type and load capacity of cartridge by jumpers) and line-level output. Instructions how to complete it are on my web page - actidamp.mekweb.eu A complete and working preamp may also be available, check my other listings. The set of parts includes:

C1, C2, C17, C18 - 2n2
C3, C19, C25, C32 - 220M/35V
C4, C20, C26, C33 - 100n
C5, C21, C27, C34, C55, C56 - 100n
C6, C7, C8, C11, C14, C15, C16, C22, C28, C31, C36, C47 - 10M/35V
C9, C12 - 2200M/35V
C10, C13 - 680n
C23, C43 - 470n
C24, C44 - 10p
C29, C45 - 3M3
C30, C46 - 33p
C35, C37, C48, C49 - 100p
C38, C50 - 220p
C39, C51 - 15n
C40, C52 - 330p
C41, C53 - 68n
C42, C54 - 47M/35V
D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8 - 1N4002
Q1, Q3 - BC546
Q2, Q4 - BC556
R1, R6, R10, R15 - 10
R2, R3, R5, R7, R11, R17 - 220
R4, R8, R12, R19, R24, R36 - 2k2
R9, R14, R27, R29 - 220k
R13, R28 - 1M32
R16, R18, R25, R30, R31, R37 - 47k
R20, R23, R32, R35 - 2k7
R21, R33 - 5k6
R22, R34 - 100
R26, R38 - 300
RV1, RV2 - 4k7
RV3, RV4 - 22k
U1 - LM317
U2 - LM337
U3, U6 - TL071
U4, U5, U7, U8 - NE5534
J1, J5, J6 - 3-pole PCB terminal block
J3, J7 - 2x3 pin header 2,54 mm
J4, J8 - 1x3 pin header 2,54 mm

All parts are new and from reputable distributor, not some Chinesium.

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