; Antique American Silver Dime Collection - 1833 to 1929-S

Antique American Silver Dime Collection - 1833 to 1929-S

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Own a piece of American coinage history with this remarkable collection of 11 authentic antique American silver dimes. This diverse set includes a range of iconic dimes that showcase the evolution of U.S. coinage craftsmanship.

1833 Bust Dime: This 1833 Bust dime retains its full date and some remarkable details, making it a rare find for collectors of early American coins.

Barber Dimes (9): Featuring nine Barber dimes from the early 1900s, including 1902, 1903 (2x), 1904, 1905 (2x), 1910, 1911-D, and 1912. These dimes are stunning examples of the Barber design era.

1929-S Mercury Dime: The collection is completed with a 1929-S Mercury dime, showcasing the elegance of the Art Deco period.

Each dime in this collection offers a glimpse into a different era of American history, from the 19th century to the early 20th century. They are not only valuable as collectibles but also as pieces of America's numismatic heritage.

Coin Types: Bust Dime (1), Barber Dime (9), Mercury Dime (1)
Total Silver Dimes: 11
Years: 1833, 1902, 1903 (2x), 1904, 1905 (2x), 1910, 1911-D, 1912, 1929-S
Condition: Varies (See Photos)
Composition: 90% Silver

Don't miss this opportunity to add these historically significant dimes to your collection. Bring home a piece of America's coinage legacy!

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