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Hi! Tired of n00bs? Looking for reliable, solid and passionate Software Craftsman. I am the one who delivers!

Software Engineer with ~20yrs of experience (mostly remote). Old school programmer with a solid, modern workshop. Crypto and Linux lover.


- Basic: Ada, Erlang, Kotlin, Scala, asm, wasm

- Intermediate: Go, Rust, Solidity, Java, Elixir/Phoenix

- Advanced: 
APIs (designing, developing, integrating, securing)
JS/es6/node.js, TypeScript (and Nest.js)
Python, Ruby/RoR
Front-end (html, css, vanilla JS, jQ, RxJS, some React; Vue.js master)
PHP and frameworks (used in the past)

- Cloud; AWS; Heroku; some DevOps; Docker, etc. Linux/Unix (incl. Kali Linux, BlackArch or Parrot OS, some *BSD), VM
- Skills from the good old days: steganography; cracking; disassembly; reverse engineering; malware and virus analysis - everything ethical of course 👈 😉 
- Software testing and automation
- Cybersecurity; Pentesting; OSINT!

Experience in leading small teams. NOTE: if more workforces needed, let's talk. I could bring more devs on demand and ensure information security.

I'm very flexible, especially when it pays off. No taboo topics for me, so we always can talk and see how could I help.

I can start asap, with a test task/job. Sample codes on demand.

Btw: adapted polyphasic sleeper (tons of energy), available almost "all the time". No worries about timezone.

Payment: XMR/other crypto; rate negotiable, let's talk. Cheers!

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September 23rd, 2023 ---- 02:14 a.m.



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