; Monero Market

Information and Policies


Monero Market is an online marketplace that only uses Monero (XMR)

The website is for anyone to buy and sell goods peer to peer.


Any users found breaking the rules will be permanently banned from the platform

Users must follow all laws relevant to their jurisdiction and buyers jurisdiction

All items will be priced in USD. The XMR amount will fluctuate based on current exchange rates

Order directly from vendors peer to peer, be careful of vendors with no reputation


Email is used to contact users about the following:

  1. New Messages from users on Monero Market
  2. Password reset
PGP Keys

Monero Market supports PGP keys. Your PGP key can be added and updated through your profile page. Other users can navigate to your profile page to find your PGP public key.

If a user prefers to use PGP they won't need to fill out their real address data when placing an order. The will need to get the PGP key of the seller, encrypt their address, then message the seller on Monero Market with their encrypted message after placing the order

For users who don't want to opt for this level of privacy, plain text addresses are also supported.

Data Policy

Monero Market takes user privacy seriously. We do not sell your data or try to collect data from users. We use captchas to reduce spam content and moderation to make sure listings are appropriate and legal. Email is used to update users about any messages, or password resets. No sensitive data will be included in the emails messages

Users will need to log onto Monero Market for this information

More features and improvements coming soon

Thank you for using Monero Market and supporting XMR.

1 XMR = 163.56 USD

June 23rd, 2024 - 11:58 PM