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Information and Policies


Monero Market is an online marketplace that only uses Monero (XMR)

The website includes a full escrow system to protect buyers and sellers, a built in, optional to use Monero wallet, and the ability for anyone to buy and sell goods.


All items will be priced in USD. The XMR amount will fluctuate based on current exchange rates

The built in wallet can be deposited to or withdrawn from. It is advised for users to keep unused funds in their own custody.

Users can pay for an Order with their account balance or from an external wallet. If paying from an external wallet, a QR code will be generated and the user asked to send the full amount. Unpaid orders will be cleared out by the system.

It will take the system 1 confirmation to show an incoming transaction is detected on the transactions page. It will take 20-30 minutes for Monero Market to fully display the transaction due to needing 10 confimations before transactions are considered finalized.

After placing an order if everything has gone smoothly, the buyer can click "Close Order" and confirm this action on the Orders page which will automatically move the Monero to the seller's account wallet where it can be immediately withdrawn. Sellers will be emailed when this occurs.

If the order fails to arrive or it arrives but there is a problem, a buyer can click the "Create Dispute" button on the orders page to start the dispute process.

Orders have a 30 day time limit before auto-finalization. Digital orders have a 10 day limit. Buyers should close the order or create a dispute before the time limit expires.

After the time limit expires, vendors will be automatically paid


Monero Market charges vendors a 5 percent fee for all sales on the platform, excluding "Precious Metals" and "Paper Money" sales

Monero Market charges sales in the "Precious Metals" and "Paper Money" category a 1 percent fee

Escrow Service

The escrow system can be used if buyers are unhappy with their purchase or feel they were mislead. After submitting a dispute form which consists of 5 files and a description to explain the issue, the seller will have 5 days to respond before the site administrator can review the case and make a judgement. The seller will be emailed if there is a dispute created for one of their orders. When responding to the dispute, sellers will be able to see the files and description uploaded by the buyer.

If a vendor fails to respond to a dispute claim, the buyer will automatically win and be refunded the full amount

We have thought a lot about the websites security and have made sure there are many security precautions in place to make sure XMR funds are safe on Monero Market. It is a big responsiblity to act as a mediator and we take this very seriously.


Email is used to contact users about the following:

  1. Items Bought (e.g. cancelled orders)
  2. Sold Items (e.g. Notification of payment received)
  3. Disputed Orders (e.g. If seller needs to respond to dispute, dispute results after the site admins have reviewed the case)
  4. New Messages from users on Monero Market
  5. Password reset
PGP Keys

Monero Market supports PGP keys. Your PGP key can be added and updated through your profile page. Other users can navigate to your profile page to find your PGP public key.

If a user prefers to use PGP they won't need to fill out their real address data when placing an order. The will need to get the PGP key of the seller, encrypt their address, then message the seller on Monero Market with their encrypted message after placing the order

For users who don't want to opt for this level of privacy, plain text addresses are also supported.

Information for Vendors
Sellers are advised to make good documentation of their product. This will be used in case there is an order dispute. If you fail to make this documentation as a seller, you may lose money and your product. Please take this seriously

Some examples of possible documentation
What constitutes as good evidence of legitimacy will depend on what you are selling
Please put timestamps in relavent pictures - include a piece of paper in the picture with the date and your Monero Market username beside your product
  1. picture of the item
  2. picture of item working
  3. pictures of serial numbers
  4. picture of defining features
  5. picture of package on scale
  6. picture of fully labelled parcel right before it is shipped
Data Policy

Monero Market takes user privacy seriously. We do not sell your data or try to collect data from users. We use captchas to reduce spam content and moderation to make sure listings are appropriate and legal. Email is used to update users about any messages, orders, or disputes they have. No sensitive data will be included in the emails messages (e.g. It will not include message sender, message content, xmr amounts, or addresses).

Users will need to log onto Monero Market for this information

Addresses can be stored in plain text (default) or encrypted with PGP (more advanced). Address will be viewable by the vendor only. Vendors will lose the ability to see plaintext addresses after the order is closed or disputed. After the order is complete, the platform automatically deletes it from the server

More features and improvements coming soon

Thank you for using Monero Market and supporting XMR.

1 XMR = 145.02 USD

September 23rd, 2023 ---- 12:43 a.m.



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